Thursday, September 3, 2015

(Unearthing the Past II) EXPULSER - Fornications split demo (1990)

Expulser’s demo Fornications was released on a split alongside Brutal Distortion’s Cadaveric Symphony in 1990 (this demo is not to be confused with Expulser’s 1989 demo also titled Fornications; the one from 1989 is comprised of seven short songs, whereas the one from 1990 is a three-track split).

With Fornications, Expulser concoct a filthy batch of deathrash that only the chefs of the Southern hemisphere can cook up. Hailing from Brazil, you may expect a lot of Sarcofago mimicry. In all honesty, you’d be half correct, but to a smaller degree than you may think. Expulser’s sound most certainly reflects where they’re from, and pretty much any Brazilian deathrash band will intrinsically bear heavy similarities with one another, but they bring their own nuance to the table.

This demo opens with what sounds like tape hiss and sludgy power chords accompanied by a keyboard, which then evolves into a biting melodic riff, propelling the song into full speed. Within the first minute, the distinction between Expulser and Sarcofago clones is clear: melody. Expulser utilize melodic development and harmony to a greater extent than most deathrash bands pre-The Laws of Scourge, and by then, the style had mostly integrated into death metal.

The music on this demo is filthy and twisted, like a primitive symphony inspired solely by a decaying world that festers into obscurity. Riffs range from violent hammering (the INRI formula) to sinister melodic expression. These forces complement each other and result in an electrifying listening experience.

Fornications is not just for diehard low-fi fanatics; anyone who treasures extreme music could likely find satisfaction out of this release. Unfortunately, their full-lengths that followed lack the memorability and aptitude of Fornications. However, if you enjoyed this demo, I would recommend listening to Expulser’s 1989 demo of the same name that was mentioned earlier. But as far as Expulser goes, Fornications ’90 is the magnum opus.

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