Tuesday, August 25, 2015

EVIL ARMY - Violence and War EP (2015)

Generally, when dealing with modern thrash metal, you’ll find that the genre is bloated with weekender bands that borrow the most accessible aesthetics from better, classic bands. Some may apply that criticism to Memphis thrashers, Evil Army. But I’d argue that they retain a flair that demonstrates they are greatly more inspired than many of their contemporaries. This is evident on their new EP, Violence and War.

This EP is possessed by a pummeling violence that mulches everything in its path. Choppy tremolo picked riffs and masculine power chords propel the listener into a smoldering wasteland where only natural selection is law. Vocals are reasonably de-emphasized (though naturally, much less than something like death metal) in favor of a strong focus on the riff. Violence and War is a tank that constantly moves forward amidst gunfire and bombings, crushing the weak beneath its unforgiving treads.

You won’t find any pizza, sharks, or alcohol on this EP; Only death and blood, might and gunfire, Violence and War.

This album can be purchased in October via Hell’s Headbangers records.

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