Wednesday, August 26, 2015

DESTRUKTOR - Opprobrium (2015)

(Written by contributing writer Lance Viggiano)

You'll put on this record for the same reason you put on AC/DC; you want to hear something gratifying and energetic. Turn it on and turn your mind off. You work too damn hard anyway to care about more than the immediate. Child support, affording PBR, another pair of Doc Martins, or affording the Wednesday night show since you never have to be up early; neither do the bands playing.

You don't go to a record like this because you want to impact your life in some way. Nobody is profoundly affected by Impiety are they? This is grab-the-nearest-beer-after-work music. This is weekend in the garage music: when you can't breathe from all the cheap tobacco barely ventilating from the cracks in the side door and the only other audible sound is the clash of billiards distracting motorcycle sluts from the pure banality of your life's details. She's going to sleep with you bro, you bought the ten dollar handle of Popov for a reason.

Opprobrium will be the least scratched and dust covered disk next to Whitesnake, Motley Crue, or maybe last year’s Vomitor record so it will get plenty of play time until it joins the ranks of dust and vomit encrusted CDs that skip to the point where they’re unplayable but you won't throw out for "sentimental" reasons.

I put about as much thought into this review as you should deciding whether or not to listen to it. Do you even like metal? Look it's fucking Australian metal: great riffs no bullshit. 

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